Feeding Tube Awareness Week: Myths & Facts of Tube Feeding

This Feeding Tube Awareness week (4-8 February 2019), the Xavier Nursing team share some myths, facts and advice to help our families of children with feeding tubes. 

What is a Speech Pathologist?

Our Speech and Language Pathologist Gemma Cameron talks about some of the common misconceptions about what a "Speechie" does and what her work really involves. And why she love what she does. 

Xavier open first Community Therapy Clinic at Springfield Lakes

In late 2018, we opened our first community therapy clinic at Springfield Lakes. The clinic aims to make life a little bit easier for families in the Brisbane West and Ipswich areas who require occupational therapy, physiotherapy or speech pathology for their child. 


Practical Tips for improved Mental Health

In recognition of Queensland Mental Health Week we asked the Xavier team to share their tips on the small things that we can do every day to take care of our own mental health. We hope that some of these ideas might help our families who struggle to dedicate time to their own mental well-being.

Mental Health Awareness Part 2: Looking out for loved ones

Queensland Mental Health Week runs from 6-14th October and provides a timely reminder for Queenslanders to recognise the importance of mental health. In this article, from our health team, we will explore how loved ones can look out for each other because when you have the support of others we are all stronger. So what can we do when we see that a loved one is stressed and you are concerned?

Mental Health Awareness Part 1: Taking care of you

For parents and carers of children with complex needs it is so difficult to find the time to dedicate to your child, their siblings, family relationships, friendships, work…the list goes on. In this part one of two articles on mental health, we consider ways that you can be more aware of your own mental health and how to take steps for improvement.

Celebrating Speech Pathology Week

This Speech Pathology week (19-25 August 2018) we are celebrating our amazing “Speechies”! Speech Pathology week aims to promote the invaluable work that Speech Pathologists do to help over 1.1 million Australians including children. The theme of this year’s Speech Pathology week is “Communication access is communication for all!” which we think is very fitting for our kids...

Supporting Kids with Complex Needs through Occupational Therapy

For parents of children with complex disabilities and health needs, you may already be familiar with the types of Occupational Therapy supports available and the benefits in helping your child to build upon their abilities and become more independent.