NDIS Support Coordination

NDIS Support Coordination helps you to connect with a range of service providers and agencies to get the best
possible care and support for your child with complex disability and health needs and get the most out of your
child’s NDIS plan. Once your child’s plan has been approved, our Support Coordinators will work with on how your
child’s NDIS funds can be spent.

How Support Coordination helps

- Understand what your child’s plan means and the flexibility within the plan
- Gain a greater understanding of the supports available in the plan
- Understand how the NDIS plan budget works
- Research and coordinate services that best meet your needs
- Identify and contact services and supports in your community that will assist you to reach the goals
identified in your child’s NDIS plan
- Develop agreements with service providers and obtain quotes for supports that meet the needs and
preferences of your child
- Coordinate services and complement support
- Resolve points of conflict with providers
- Provide support, guidance and solutions in times of crisis
- Source suitable short-term accommodation options
- Develop your capacity to confidently manage the NDIS plan over time by providing training and support
to manage budgets and liaise with service providers
- Monitor NDIS plan outcomes and provide reports back to the NDIA
- Prepare for your child’s plan review

Your Funding Options

Please get in touch for further information on your funding options for NDIS Support Coordination. 

Further information?

If you’d like further information about NDIS Support Coordination please provide your details below and we’ll be in touch.